Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bad Logic Guy Beds a Girl

BLG:  Ooops.
Girl:  It's okay.

BLG:  Shit.  Slipped out again.

Girl politely smiles.

BLG:  There it goes again.

Girl:  Just try not to move back so--


Girl:  ...far.

BLG:  Dang it!!!

BLG:  Shoot!

BLG:  Out again!

BLG:  I quit.

BLG and Girl lie down staring at the ceiling.  Girl is being supportive and cool.

BLG:  Not to be a dick, but you know...spade's a spade and all...and I gotta say, you're QUITE generously-sized down there.

Girl:  Oh my God, are you joking?

BLG:  'Fraid not.  And I'd know.  Been with a ton of girls with your problem.

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