Sunday, April 27, 2008

Signs You Have a Deteriorating Memory

A spinster chick can't find her eyeglasses.  They're on her head.  She rubs her forehead in exasperation.  Finds them.  Giggles at her daftness.  Sits down on a comfy chair and digs into a fairly dry article in Harper's.

30,000 B.C.E.  

Dude and his woman go for a stroll.  He forgets his wooden club. They come upon a gang of young Latino Wooly Mammoths.  The couple crosses to the other side of the leafy path.  Too late.  Guy's beaten.  Girl's raped and eaten.

In conclusion, 1987 was the only time in human history when it was safe to have a deteriorating memory.


Dan said...

amazing- you have to look out for those Latino woolly mammoth gangs

Nosferatu said...

So true! I vibe with the '87 call too, a monumental year.