Friday, April 25, 2008

"What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Movies Of All-Time?"

Was an icebreaker I was asked during my middle school interview to get into Crossroads.
My mind went totally blank.  I froze.  My palms were sweaty.

After a lot of stammering "uhhs" and "umms,"  all I could muster was...

"Well, I think that Junior looks like it's gonna be pretty good."

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Shashi said...

At first I thought "what are your top three movies" was an icebreaker YOU used to ask people in middle school...
Like I had certain go-tos, a la "what residential college are you in?" Except when I was 13, I'd ask [generally to people I met in AOL chat rooms], "What's your favorite horror movie?" Invariably, I'd hear "I know what you did last summer." Can you say "deal-breaker."