Tuesday, April 14, 2009


is one of the more intriguing blogs I've recently come across.

The conceit is simple.  The site presents pictures of "real" amateur women in banal everyday situations. Click on a "reveal" button, and a naked, highly explicit picture of that same woman suddenly pops up.

The central gag is that it's almost impossible to guess her muff. Take that reserved, chubby accountant you pass on your way to the shitter every morning... yeah, turns out she's shaved, pierced, and has a distinct penchant for dongs.

It's heady, primal stuff...the disparate and manifold ways we decide to present ourselves to the world. The characters we choose to inhabit. The archetypes we strictly adhere to.

Here's a sample...

See the answer [here]

See the answer [here]


Nostradamus said...

How did I just find this now?

Beneficent Allah said...

You are a sexual genius of the blogosphere

Arthur said...

Found another site like this, http://www.matchthatmuff.com, there is an element of guessing on this one too.