Friday, August 7, 2009

Personality Types

There are three types of people in this world.

You can tell who's who by the words they spew.

Racist Guy: "So I was at the gym today. God, how much does it suck how easy it is for black dudes to get ripped? At least it isn't easy for them to graduate high school. Did Obama ever get his GED?"

Non-Racist Guy: "Oh my God, Lucy. This kale salad is friggin' out of of hand. And the peanut sauce it's in?! I don't think I've been so cloud nined-out since Obama's Iowa Caucus speech."

Potentially Racist Guy: "Yeah, I voted for Obama because I'm fucking sick of voting against my self-interests. That's how how out to the pasture the Republican Party is right now. I actually voted for Obama despite the fact that he's, you know... Oh, pardon me, Excuse me while I throw a molotov cocktail into a Magic Johnson's TGI Friday's. What? Yeah, I'm aware of how fucking maniacal and dumb this is. But I'm incredibly angry and sad. Sorry."

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