Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is Adderall Extended Release Good For My Personality and Blog?

Dan gave me a few to take back to L.A.

Just took one...

Here's where I'm at...

-- Really looking forward to cleaning my room. It'll be satisfying and so easy. My apartment rocks! I can listen to my new iTunes purchases while cleaning! Like Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind. Very inspiring lyrics. Makes me feel good inside. Like all tingly and powerful and blissed out. Such a thug track!

-- Wanted to see Big Fan a few days ago, but seems like a waste of time now. A weird, dysfunctional, delusional main character who lives with his mom? Boring, right? Just sad and small and depressing, no? I think I have a hankering for something big and fun but not too silly with maybe Clooney or some REALLY beautiful woman. Aren't women beautiful? Anyway, Up in the Air looks so solid. Masculine, serious, deep, but not too deep where it's like weird. Just simple and stylish and strong. Like a more purposeful Jerry Maguire. Loved Jay Mohr in that. And Kelly Preston. Remember the side-boob scene? She's so bitchy/sexy in that, right?! Hope that isn't bad that often I'm attracted to bitchy girls. What does that say about me? Oh well, the human psyche's complicated, right?! What can I do but try to be my best and improve those things I can?

-- I really hope this health care thing works out. My whole attitude about this "pathetic charade of a 'debate' being the low point of American politics in my lifetime" has been so jaded and small and weak. Obama can do this! Any progress is at least progress! Sure, single payer's where it's at, but think about how many lives could be saved even with a compromise bill where it's ILLEGAL to deny insurance to people with preexisting conditions. So important! God, this is a great country ultimately. Flawed, but great.

-- Can't wait to go to a couple parties tonight. Looking forward to just connecting with people and being social. Craving some witty interactions with smartish, relatively attractive people who tell me how cool my job is. Fun!

-- Why have I bookmarked Ghetto Gaggers on Safari? So extreme and unsavory and aesthetically unpleasant and technically rudimentary. I think some light girl-on-girl action seems like a great idea though. But shit, jerking off would be a waste of time right now. I have a screenplay idea I should be researching. Or I could work out again. Or call someone special I care about and tell them just that.

-- Hope everyone's having a good day. Connecting with people. Listening to great music. Eating delicious food. Having personal breakthroughs.

-- So Adderall XR is like super low-intensity coke that doesn't make me want to fuck everything I encounter. But it definitely beats SSRI's -- I mean, shit, I don't feel dulled. I have nice, clean, smooth energy. Oh, and coke's a serious drug. And I'm not in any way suggesting I've ever tried it. Don't do it. Coke. I haven't. But don't be freaked out by it. Don't let fear rule your life. Balance and moderation is everything in life.

Love you all,


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N A said...

Yep, I end up writing my longest blog posts on this shit, too.