Sunday, October 4, 2009

Famous Moments in Therapy History

Erik: "So...let's see... Sort of went on a weird date with that Linda girl I told you about last week. Went to the Cheesecake Factory. Her choice. Just got this claustrophobic sense that she has the potential to be incredibly high-maintenance. Which I know I'm sort of attracted to and yet is ultimately so completely self-sabotaging. I haven't called her since. Which I think is actually a sign of some kind of progress. So yeah. What else. Umm, well Lyle and I killed our parents on Friday... I think it was Friday... Yeah, Falcon Crest was on. So yeah, Friday. Anyway, I've been feeling really just like off and sort of dulled and almost emotionally wounded ever since. On the one hand, it was a rewarding experience. Sort of cathartic. We talk about my issues with my parents so much. Yet a part of me realizes it was totally dysfunctional. And irrational. Which is frustrating. Knowing you're behaving illogically and yet being totally unable to keep your own true self-interest in mind. I don't know how I feel ultimately, which is sort of the scariest part. The not knowing. It makes me feel so clouded and vulnerable. And it plays into that whole thing we were talking about last week... those themes of indecision and ambivalence that keep reappearing in my life."

Therapist: "Back to Linda for just one moment. Did you start feeling the sensation of emotional entrapment after the date or while at the Cheesecake Factory itself?

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