Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NYU Comp Lit T.A. not on a path toward professorship whose passive Croatian boyfriend just left her

reviews Momofuku Ssäm on Yelp:

HATE HATE HATE. The energy in here is terrible! I honestly felt like I was underwater and completely disconnected from humanity and any chance at authentic love the second I stepped in. That's how bad the ambience was. I had a very long conversation with one of the busboys about the nature of upward mobility in the American workplace. When it turned to Momofuku specifically, he said it's IMPOSSIBLE to get promoted there. There are NO GOOD MENTORS at Momofuku Ssäm. I literally had no appetite at this point. Felt mad, jilted, confused. That's how bad this restaurant is. In fact, the vibe was so depressive and closed-off that I started thinking about Andrej incessantly. A restaurant that's so shitty you literally cannot stop thinking about your asshole ex? I mean, COME ON. Never again. 1 star.

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