Monday, December 28, 2009

Things I Like

Smart or ethnic people's babies if they're far enough away that I can just notice they're cute but don't have to in any way deal with them.

Really really hardcore pornography.

Don't like waffles. They look better than they taste. Always disappoint. Always think to myself after eating waffles or any sweet breakfast item, fuck should have gotten something savory. Perhaps a sausagey item. You have never had a sausage-based regret. Oil and meat and salt are what you need, not sugar. What the fuck were you thinking, dude? Too late now. Botched breakfast.


Earwigg said...

Waffles = Too much dough. Plain and simple.

Poetry of Flesh said...

We feel similiar about all three subjects. Fantastic.

IamNova said...

Watch nightline from last night. All about these wonderfully caucasian families that have had enough gusto to adopt haitian babies.

Kamiar said...

and blood. a full english breakfast which includes blood puding