Friday, January 15, 2010

Persian Guy in his mid 30s

who's either the son of some rich monster or a success himself or a fuck-up playing near the sun on the verge of imploding with a bald spot that mocks him and me driving some smallish shitty bubbly new expensive but not truly baller gunmetal grey Ferrari due north on La Cienega toward the Hills at 10pm: I'm happy. I like what vaginas feel like. 50% of human beings have vaginas. Delightful. I guess I'll fuck 12 more of them kind of randomly drunkenly have good stories in the morningly and then get married and cheat a few times but that's all. I'm not a sex addict. I'm ultimately loyal. I just like feeling needed and revered and attractive. This is the best car I'll ever have. This is the smallest my bald spot will ever naturally be. My eyes look sunken. I'm going to text $300 to Haiti so this bitch in my passenger seat will notice and want to fuck me a little more tonight after I inundate her with omakase and effort and lies.

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