Friday, January 1, 2010

Scenes from a Small Town Snack Stand

Gruff About To Begin The Process Of Dying Relatively Soon Owner Of Small Rural Oregon Snack Stand Organism: I'm going to talk about eating bear with a confidence and cadence that make me interesting and magnetic and then brutally rib Paul, the 40something Half-Dead Beta Wifeless Small Town Construction Worker Organism poorly fixing a pothole outside of my snack stand in this misty littoral community I will never leave.

Just Traveling Through Town 20something Won't Be Dead For A While Hipster Performatively Imbibing Cowboy Coffee Even Though He Prefers Milk And Sugar Organism: I'm going to enjoy gruff owner guy and his racist jokes because he's funny and beautifully grotesque and there's something about people so culturally off-point and idiotic and yet so much like me in every other sense -- something about them which reminds me that culture is flimsy and insubstantial. That the totality of human ideation is like a tourist trap trinket shop, our great artists and thinkers just #creepyfatpoorsweet Mexicanlady shopkeepers hawking their shitty wares. The only thing that is at all real is dying, crying, fucking, and being a piece of pink consciousnessmeat locked in the badbacked bodies of these slow, can't jump very high our knees hurt herd animals.

Autistic Eleven Year Old Local Not A Fag Just Lonely And Weird Boy On His Laptop Playing A Shitty Online Game While He Waits For A BLT Organism: Before my body perishes, the entirety of my brain will be mapped and preserved, including whatever layers of complexity additively form consciousness. Hence, it is possible my generation will be the first that, put simply, lives forever. I will never die. I will never fucking die. God, I am so sad and bored and don't even like computer games that much.

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