Friday, February 12, 2010

Ineffectual American Psycho

I'd be on blow if this were a few years ago, but now it's just a couple $6 cups of coffee from Lamill because I find being in control more ecstatic than being in ecstasy when I dismantle women.

Lucy, I'm going to retrieve a corkscrew but instead of opening up a $249 bottle of Bonnes Mares Grand Cru like I do every other night, I'm going to open up you. And fuck your ass. And artfully bludgeon your face with my Kindle DX as skin, tooth, and brain besmirch my heather grey reverse seam Steven Alan shirt...

Hold on one sec. Don't go anywhere. Well, you're tied up, so I guess you can't.

Back. Umm, so I couldn't find a corkscrew. Have you seen it? Fuck.

Umm. What about that Leatherman your brother gave me for Hanukkah last year? That has a corkscrew feature. No idea where it is? Ughhh, why do I fucking lose everything?!

Maybe we should just have rough sex. I'm feeling kinda low energy right now anyway.

I'm going to untie you. There.

Are you in the mood?

How was work?

Talked to my sister today. She's getting yet another rescue dog. So irresponsible, right? Oh God, I'm doing it again. Worrying about other people to avoid tackling my own problems.

Hold me.

Please. Hold Me. But not because I said so. I want you to want to hold me.

You're so beautiful.

Wait, do we still have chocolate cake in the fridge from last night? We do?! Yay! Let's eat in bed and watch Crimes and Misdemeanors. I feel content right now.

It's nice having someone to bear this fucking world with.

I love you, Lucy.

Want to wake up early and hike? I'll set the alarm.

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