Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doug Vista: Gay or a Misogynist?

Doug Vista on laughter: "Making women laugh is my oxygen. I'm non-existent without it. Without the power that comes with using one's wit to make a woman fucking convulse. The only thing better, or at least more invigorating, is making men laugh. Men with their more robust, yet harder-to-tickle senses of humor."

Doug Vista on writing: "There is nothing more erotic, more fucking boner-inducing if you don't mind my horribly crude phrasing, than reading the perfectly chosen words of a brilliant female scribe. Nothing except for reading the words of a truly talented man. For there is a universality, a completeness, an adamantine strength (cut with inexorable vulnerability) to the written male perspective that simply transcends everything else in my heart and in this life."

Doug Vista on cock: "Love it!!!"

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