Thursday, July 1, 2010

Unhelpful 2010 NBA Free Agency Predictions

Lebron James -- Chicago Bulls

The Bulls can give him the max. They offer a big city where the King could thrive yet still stay close to his midwest roots. Miami also a possibility. Speaking of Miami, I watched Scarface the other day with a nice azn girl who'd never seen it before. Shitty, overrated mess. I've had persistent headaches for the last few days. Been eating too many hamburgers. And steaks. I'm rapidly aging. People are going bald all around us every day. We'll never have more hair on our heads than we do right now.

Chris Bosh - Untitled Alex Lehman Pilot

Maybe Bosh will become a TV writer. I haven't legitimately enjoyed sports in over a decade. I file sports under that category of things in life which don't entirely revolve around me. I tend to get bored by such things.

Danny Manning - Me

My BMI is in the healthy range. I am content with my net worth. I like fish tacos and control.