Sunday, August 29, 2010

Matty and Dolores Have a 1st Date at a Comfy Pizza Place

Matty: I'm pretty into radical life extension.

Dolores: Who isn't? Though I kind of fear that's just our generation's new bullshit religion. The amount of rich smart ashkenazi-ish fuckable chill 28 year olds who aren't religious at all has reached some critical mass and so like all these kinda depressed, terrified of their mortality as they start to slowly bald or bloat atheists who know there's no afterlife have collectively and virally spread this "singularity theory" pseudoscience meme in order to give some sort of magic hope to our faithless lives.

Matty: Yeah, on some level I think you're probably right. Though that makes me pretty irredeemably sad.

Dolores: Me too.

Matty: Want to get an ice-cream after this? There's this place I think you'll like. They do the whole salted caramel thing really well. I know that's no longer cutting edge. But I still like it.

Dolores: I really like it too.

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