Friday, September 3, 2010

So Here's A Little Update on Where I'm at in Life

I'm in the process of putting together a comprehensive documentary film on Elmore Duke, one of the preeminent glory hole carpenters in the game. Because of the myopic sex-obsessed culture we live in, we're trained to process glory holes as being inherently pornographic, homosexual, or nymphomaniacal. When, in fact, a good glory hole is, at heart, an object of genuine craftsmanship, and when drilled, sanded, and padded with the vanguard vision of an Elmore Duke, a work of -- yes, I will say it -- art.

I'm encouraging friends of the blog as well as my cohorts in the Yahoo! Answers community to pitch in on this project if they're so inclined. And in whatever way most suits them. A donation here, a plug there -- these are the kinds of actions that can help "Glory Days: The Elmore Duke Story" take flight.

Much thanks. And much love,

Doug V.

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Earwigg said...

You've got my ten bucks.