Friday, October 15, 2010

Average Guy with Common Sense who Lives in the Past

chats up easily-impressed TCBY-dispensing Mexican gal.

Guy: You know had I invested in Apple in 2003 like my gut told me to, I'd be a rich man today!

Gal: Oh, meester, you a beeznees man!

Guy: We shouldn't have invaded Iraq. Was all for it at the time. It's turned into a real big mess.

Gal: Oh, you such a espsanive globeel theenkerrr!

Guy: Life can be real...tricky. You learn a lot from the past. But then you also repeat a lot of the same mistakes.

Gal: Oh, and you pheelosopher like Plahto!

Guy: I'll have a vanilla. Used to get strawberry a whole bunch.

Gal: Weeth mind thass as neembull as oleempic geemnist!

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